Why is ballet so important?

Firstly, ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance! It may seem unbelievable that it can be useful to a hip hop or tap dancer, but the skill and technique gained is actually helpful for all styles of dance! This style focuses strongly on technique and the basics of dance movement. Believe it or not, actions like plies and tendus are used throughout all styles of dance. The best professional dancers often have a strong ballet background. Even those insanely talented hip hop dancers are ballet trained!

Skills you can learn

Ballet is essential in building a dancers strength and improving their flexibility. This is important for both the dancers’ safety and performance quality. It is important that dancers have enough strength to perform difficult movement in order to avoid injury. Strength and flexibility are incredibly important aspects of dance, and ballet is essential in improving these skills.

Find The Class That Is Best Suited To You

Petites – in these classes the focus is on building up foundations and vocabulary while incorporating fun activities into the lesson. Petite classes are designed to allow your dancer to learn in a relaxed and fun environment while gaining a great education in ballet.


– Teen classes are for our students looking for a higher level of technical training and the opportunity to work towards a featured role in our Ballet Production. These classes are very focused and are for students who love to work hard on their technique and gain classical ballet training.

Pointe – At CCDC pointe classes can only be taken once the dancer has been invited by their ballet teacher to do so. Pointe work is very demanding on dancers bodies therefore we must ensure that the dancer is strong enough to safely work in the shoes. These classes are great for dancers that have trained in ballet for a number of years and are keen to work hard on this skill set!

Benefits of Ballet

Ballet teaches students a range of skills from physical, mental and even social skills. Dancers learn to focus and engage specific muscle groups as well as develop a set of terminology. With constant improvement dancers also increase their confidence and are equipped with the proper technique to execute movement correctly, and gracefully!

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