Dance Boosts Social + Emotional Development in Children

Recently, I came across an article on types of play that “skyrocket a child’s social and emotional development”. Did you know we cover 5 of them in our CCDC Minis Program?

Independent Play

We include a free dance in EVERY CLASS. Why? Because like independent play, it allows children to move and explore independently. This helps children to develop self-confidence and leadership.

Dramatic/Imaginative Play

We also like to use role playing a lot in our dance activities at CCDC. Not only does it help our students pay better attention but it also benefits emotional development. Dramatic and imaginative play allows young children to explore different emotions in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Physical Play

Did you know exercise changes the structure of our brains? Physical activity increases blood flow, and therefore oxygen and nourishment, to the brain. This helps our brains make more neural connections and grow more nerve cells—particularly in the area where learning takes place and memories are stored. Physical play can boost attention, memory, cognitive function, and even mood.

Sensory Play

Using props in children’s dance classes can be a great way to spark imaginations and aid in teaching a particular dance concept. It can also be a form of sensory play for children. This helps them learn more about the world through their senses such as sight, sound and touch. Having a prop can also be calming to children. So if a child is anxious or distracted, a prop can help them focus and relax a bit.

Cooperative Play

When children learn dances in class they are practicing cooperative play. Even the simple act of standing in a line performing the same dance together, requires students to work together to keep their line straight. They must all listen to the music and move in unison. They must watch each other. As children get older and there may be different parts to a dance, children work together by taking turns, partnering with their peers, and keeping mind where their peers are when traveling across the room or stage in a dance.

There you have it! Five ways dance class boosts both social and emotional development in children. Dance truly builds lifelong skills through movement and pl

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