Frequently asked questions


The term has already started is it to late to join?

It is never too late to join the CCDC tribe; therefore you can join at any time throughout the term. After your free trial class your fees will be calculated for the remaining weeks left in the term.

How does Payment work?

When enrolling you will select payment via Credit Card or Direct Debit. Direct Debit - Just tell us how often you would like payment and thats it we sort out the rest just like your phone plan or electricity bill. Credit Card - We send you payment details upon enrolment for your first term and invoices in week 10 for the next term.

Can I trial a class?

We offer free trial class for ages 5 and below. This is where you can bring your child along to try with no obligation to join, but we KNOW you and your child will absolutely LOVE it!

Is my child to young?

This depends entirely on the child, We offer classes from 2 year but have accepted younger, If you think your child is ready the best thing is to bring them in for a free trial and see how it goes!

Can I stay with my child?

We do have seating in the Lobby, where you can stay and watch your child through the closed circut CCTV. We encourage parents to not enter the dance room so each child can give their teacher their full attention However, we understand for the first few lessons or on a difficult day your child may need to be there support them.


What do i wear to class?

For your first lesson any form fitting clothes that you can comfortable move in (eg: leggings and a T-Shirt) Uniform can be purchased or ordered through our store at the studio, Leotards are a requirement for Ballet for correction of correct alignment

Do I need dance shoes?

Wearing the correct style dance shoe is important as each shoe is designed specifically to support the foot in that style, when getting ready for perofrmance shoes are neccasary for correct preperation. For your first lessons we understand you may not have shoes yet and barefoot is fine until your shoes arrive.

Where can I purchase uniform?

Uniform can be purchased through our in studio dancewear store, or from our catelogue online.


Is there a Concert or Performance?

We have many performances throughout the year including: Community events, Parades and Markets Own Choreography and Improvisation Eisteddfods & Competition and our big show the CCDC End of Year Recital

Do I have to perform?

It is completly up to you, not all students choose to perform and whilst it is a great celebration of your work in class there is no pressure to perform if you dont want too.

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