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Experience movement and mindset at an early age to allow children to go further, faster in our fun and active program for pre-schoolers.

We know children 2- 5 years of age love variety and that’s why the

Copper City Kids Club is a hit for all. With enriching curriculum that aims to integrate the mind, body, and heart through interactive play, children will learn more, faster.

Allow your child to play, move, create, and grow with us.

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The Copper City Kids Club is fun and active learning for pre-school aged children that develops social skills and talents at a young age. Children will enjoy dance, yoga, and fitness, music, art, and drama with imagination and creativity leading the way. The goal of the program is to enhance each child's overall development by advancing motor skills and improving social, cognitive, and emotional awareness. This is your child's opportunity to develop confidence, spark imagination and inspire creativity.


1 class a week

3 hours a week

200 per month (Regular price)

165 per month ( CCDC member price)

2 classes a week

6 hours a week

380 per month (Regular price)

315 per month ( CCDC member price)

3 classes a week

9 hours a week

540 per month (Regular price)

450 per month ( CCDC member price)

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Casual Day (Drop in)

3 hour class.


Click the enroll button above

Create an account - Add Student details

Select account - Register for class - Copper City Kids Club

Tick the Class day and select the DROP IN option and select any dates you would like.

Click Submit and follow payment Prompts.

  • Costume Pick up
    MINI Friday 3rd 1-5pm PETITE Thursday 9th 3-6pm TEEN/PRE-TEEN Wednesday 8th 3-6pm Come into studio and see Staff to sign in and collect concert costumes.
  • Shoes
    Minis Ballet Babies- Pink Ballet Shoes Tiny Tappers - Tan Tap Shoes Jumping Jazz - Tan Jazz Shoes TotHop - White Sneakers Tiny Tumblers - Barefoot Mini Monkeys - Barefoot Petite Modern - Lyrical turners Ballet - Ballet Shoes Tap - Tan Tap Shoes Jazz - Tan Jazz Shoes HipHop - White Sneakers Acro and Circus - Barefoot Open Cheer - White Sneakers Musical - Tan Jazz Shoes Preteens Modern - Lyrical turners Ballet - Ballet Shoes Tap - Tan Tap Shoes Jazz - Tan Jazz Shoes HipHop - White Sneakers Contemporary - Tan Socks Acro and Circus - Barefoot Teens Modern - Lyrical turners Ballet - Ballet Shoes Tap - Tan Tap Shoes Jazz - Black Jazz Shoes HipHop - White Sneakers Contemporary - Tan Socks Acro and Circus - Barefoot
  • Stockings
    We will be using skin toned stockings for this concert - Stockings will be given at costume pickup in your garment bag.
  • Hair
    Minis: Sleek High twist bun with hair accessory neatly wrapped around bun. Petites: Half up - Half down the Half up is a sleek bun with bow attached. Preteens/Teens - Sleeked back spiked double bun. Tutorials for all groups are on backstage
  • Makeup
    Minis and Petites Eyes- Black or Brown Mascara Face- BB Cream and Blush Lips- pink Lipstick ( from mid year) Minis and Petite Lipstick available to purchase through your Parent Portal Preteen and Teen Eyes- Cream/Browns Eyeliner- Black Mascara - Black Face- Foundation with bronzer or contouring Lips- Red Lip stick
  • Rehearsal
    Full Dress Rehearsal Cobar Bowling and Golf Club 12th Nov 2023 Main Show 1pm-3pm Minis and Petites will finish at 2pm Circus and Acro concert 3:30pm-4:30pm arrive 15 minutes early ready in your first costume with shoes and stockings on.
  • Concert
    17th / 18th November 2023 Main Show ( all classes except Acro circus and kinder gym) 17th 5pm 18th 2pm Acro and Circus Show ( acro and circus classes) 18th 10am-12pm Cobar Bowling and Golf Club Performers to arrive ready 30 mins before showtime.
  • Costume Drop off
    Friday 24th November 2023 1pm-5pm Come into studio. Parent/Guardian Signature required. late fees will apply to costumes returned after this date.
  • Tickets Parents please purchase tickets through your Parent Portal and use code MEMBER23 to get 2 free concert tickets.
  • What else should i know?
    Please wear clear or same as hair colour ties. No jewellery - small stud earing are acceptable No coloured nail polish Wear appropriate underwear for your costumes eg tan black or white Please note we do not allow parents backstage. Just like in the studio we encourage Independence in all of our students! We encourage all parents to sit in the audience and enjoys watching your dancer(s) live! We have a wonderful team backstage ready to assist your children with anything they need! Arrive completely ready 30minutes before show time with hair makeup stockings shoes and first costume on Please pack any other items needed for the show into their labelled garment bags do. Please take younger Students to the bathroom just before drop off Make sure to check out backstage for tutorials and other video explanations. Minis and Petites finish performing after act 1 - we encourage you to take them back in to the audience for Act 2 to watch the big kids - it is a great experience for them to watch the students they look up to performing and they may even get to see their teachers on stage! - even if the show is sold out we have space for them to sit at the front or younger students are welcome to sit on your lap.
  • Run Sheet
    Main Show (performed twice) Open Cheer Turn up them music Pre/teen Modern Slow down Petite Tap Material Girl Tiny Tappers Shake your Tailfeather pre/teen Hip Hop Legends Petite Modern Dancing Queen TotHop Boss Baby Petite Jazz Shake it off Pre/teen Contemp to this day Baby Ballet Flamingo Ballerinos Petite HipHop Up pre/teen Hip Hop Up Jumping Jazz Stupid Cupid Petite Ballet Butterflies Open Boys This is HipHop Open Musical Matilda Mini Petite Finale Interval - Mini and Petite Pickup Pre/teen ballet Adventures in Wonderland Preteen Jazz Way I are Teen Jazz Dance Again adults ballet Thousand Years Pre/teen Contemp Asylym adults jazz Teen Spirit Pre/teen Modern Circles adults tap Confident pre/teen Pointe Sweet Dreams Preteen Jazz Stereo Adult modern Ghost Preteen Tap Sushi Teen Jazz Clap Clap Preteen teen Finale Acro and Circus Show TINY TUMBLERS LEVEL ½ ACRO MINIS DEMONSTRATION HOOP GRACE C AND SAM ASHTON INDIGO ISLA JO HARPER MINDY RUBY SOPHIA AMEILA AVA EDEN AND ISLA M INTERVAL SHARNI ABBEY TRINITY LOLA MINIS DEMONSTRATION SILKS (TIED) MARLEE ADDISON MOLLY AMAYA GRACE M AND KENZIE JAKE LEVEL ¾ ACRO LEVEL ⅚ ACRO
  • Music
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