Dance classes have mighty benefits for your child, it is such a powerful art form. Dance classes at the right studio will nurture your child’s talent. Creative movement can positively impact a child’s physical, emotional and mental health. It is exciting and a fun way to release energy.t's easy.

Concentration and brain training

The reason it is so important to start your children in dance classes while they are very young is to start the development of concentration and begin brain training from a young age. Through attending classes and through the repetition in a dance class your child will acquire the skill of being able to concentrate for a longer periods of time. Additionally, dance classes will help your child train their brain, to remember steps, routines and songs associated with their dance classes. These skills although developed in the dance studio, will transfer to all aspects of your child’s life. Giving your child a head start to their learning journey, skills that will help them progress in kinder and school.

The steppingstones of confidence

You will notice after your child has settled into their dance studio, begin to feel comfortable with their environment and their new teacher that they will change and grow in many ways. Your once shy child, who was hiding behind you when first introduced to their teacher will burst out of their shell and have a new confidence about them. They will try all the steps even if they are new and feel foreign, whereas before they would not even attempt and get upset about a step that is difficult. From dance class your child will also grow their independence, once they were clinging on to you now, they are happy to walk ahead and do things themselves in the dance studio; to putting their shoes on, getting their drink bottle ready and entering the studio to say hi to their classmates.

Healthy strong muscles & Coordination

Your dance class is a dedicated time where your child is practicing physical activity and getting exercise needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your kids active and teaching them to love the way exercise makes us feel happy! Through the physical activity practiced in a dance class your child grows healthy strong muscles. The coordination benefits of those children who participate in dance class is increased hand-eye coordination and improved fine motor skills, those of which will allow your child to get ahead of the other kids their age. Let’s not forget it will improve your child’s flexibility and balance as well!

Body and Spatial Awareness

Your child will begin an understanding of body awareness together with spatial awareness. Giving our children from a young age a better understanding of what is it capable of achieving. Spatial awareness with fellow members of our class, learning to give people space and not always be so close, a concept children struggle with. This of course will transfer into the playground and what we are now calling “social distancing” of which we have always learnt and practices in the dance studio.

Learn to follow instruction & social skills

Through attending dance class your child will learn how to follow instructions from their dance teacher, through movement they will also learn the disciplines of dance which include;

  • Listening to their teacher and following their instruction

  • Not talking when it’s not their turn

  • Waiting their turn

  • Respecting other people’s turns

Dance is always a fantastic way for children to make new friends, as well as promoting important social- emotional skills such as;

  • Respect

  • Acceptance

  • Teamwork

  • Cooperation

There are many more reasons why your child should be dancing, these listed are just 5! Join us to see the benefits of dance in your child!

Why is Dance Good for kids?

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