Kinder Gym

Kindergym is a movement program for children. designed to promote the development of the whole child socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically through play in a safe, structured multi-sensory environment


An introductory class for 4 and 5 year olds to begin working on choreography, terminology in Jazz and Ballet. this class preps students with the skills needed as they continue their dance journey

Creative Movement

A class for 2/3 year old children to learn and play whilst exploring music and developing skills such as musicality, coordination and creativity

Tiny Tappers

Your Tiny Tapper will use engaging music, props, and learn basic dance skills using Tap and Jazz dance techniques to develop their musicality. We introduce our young dancers to the joy of movement in a fun positive environment. 

Tot Hop

Do you have a super cool toddler that has the moves and the groove? our Top Hop classes use basic dance techniques in Jazz and Hip Hop combined with gross motor skills through games and music to develop balance, coordination and style! 

Tiny Tumblers

Using the Acrobatic arts Preschool AcroDance program our Tiny Tumblers class bring kids excitement and joy using games and challenges that explore, balance, climbing, rolling and so much more using a variety of equipment and props

Tummy Time- returning soon

Our 0-3 Playgroup- with the use of Soft Mats and Soft Play equipment and tactile props such as feathers to develop sensory and social skills in your little one!

Siblings welcome.

Dance with Me- coming soon

Is your little one not quite ready to leave your side but loves music and movement ? or you just wanna get involved too ! Dance with me invites mums, dads, carers to join in the fun.

Creative Play- returning soon

Our 2-5yrs Playgroup- With the use of all of our soft mats, props and aerial play equipment to develop through sensory, social and gross motor skills we have plenty to keep your little one occupied while you hang out with other like minded mums and dads.

Siblings welcome.